Michael and Anita aren’t just excellent realtors, they are amazing people. Finding the right realtor to sell our home, especially when we didn’t want to sell it, was stressful. Well, it was until we met Michael. He just clicked with both myself and my husband. He’s hard-working, competent, and intelligent, but most importantly, he is an honest, real man, who tells you like it is and will do ANYTHING to do right by you. Once I met Anita, I immediately saw those qualities reflected in her and saw why they not only have a successful business together but a successful marriage. Their partnership is amazing. We had just about everything go wrong that could have gone wrong with our sale, and Michael was honest and transparent with me every single step of the way. When we had sudden water damage happen in the home as we were moving to my husband’s new duty station, he went to the house and made sure the contractors did their job correctly, and when they hadn’t, he was instrumental in making sure they DID. From rushed paperwork to negotiating additional funds, to fighting for a faster close that we had been promised, he was an amazing realtor. For late night calls, taking on the weight of uncomfortable conversations with the people dropping the ball for me, for listening to me cry over all the bad luck that came raining down on us, he was an amazing friend. I will never hesitate to send everyone I love directly to Michael and Anita because when you become their client, you are treated like family. Thank you, we never would have gotten through this without you.