Upcoming Community Garage Sales

Join us for a vibrant community event where treasures abound and connections flourish! We are Delighted to welcome you to our Community Garage Sales, expertly hosted by Realtors Michael & Anita Marchena. It’s an occasion where neighbors unite and create a community garage sale that you are sure to find great deal son items you didn’t even know you needed..

Picture a bustling scene filled with laughter and excitement as individuals from all walks of life gather to explore an array of unique offerings. Whether you’re seeking vintage gems, household essentials, or one-of-a-kind treasures, our community garage sales event promises something special for everyone.

At the heart of our gathering is the spirit of community, where bonds are forged, and friendships are nurtured. As dedicated members of the neighborhood, Michael & Anita Marchena, along with their team, are passionate about creating spaces where individuals can come together to celebrate shared interests and discover the joy of connection.

So mark your calendars and spread the word! Join us for a day filled with fun, exploration, and the opportunity to uncover hidden treasures while building lasting connections. Together, let’s make this Community Garage Sale a memorable celebration of unity and camaraderie

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