I have worked with Michael doing other things in the past so I already knew the type of organized and committed individual he is, and how he carries his discipline into his work.  I was working with a client of mine that had mentioned she was going through a divorce and was getting a security system because of a crazy ex.  Well in talking she told me was also having problems with splitting their assets and her attorney was in need of some reputable comps since her home wasn’t a normal tract home. I called up Michael and gave him a quick briefing and turned him over to my client.  What do you know my client calls me the next weekend thanks me because Michael was able to find a handful of comps within 2 days and her attorney was very happy with the results and everything was lining up to help her in her court case. The best part about it is that Mike did it as a kind gesture for the lady.  Now she tells me she might be selling her home and finding something bigger and she was going with Michael Marchena at My Key Real Estate. Great Guy, very personable and loves what he does and it comes through.