The History of Pardee Homes

George Pardee founded Pardee Homes in 1921, and since then has developed an almost 100 year legacy of quality work and community involvement for both private homeowners and civic leaders. Over that time, Pardee Homes has won many honors and accolades for their high-quality work and dedication to their business partners. These awards include the National Association of Home Builders – Green Building Corporate Advocate of the Year, Builder magazine’s  – America’s Best Builder, and the Hearthstone Builder – Humanitarian Award for a lifetime commitment to philanthropy. These awards are a testament to the pride and care Pardee Homes takes in all of their work, as well as their dedication to the communities they work in.

Pardee Homes’ Purpose

The goal of Pardee homes is not only to create the best homes possible for their clients but to improve the communities they build in with safe and sustainable building practices. This enhances the quality of life not only for the homeowner and their community but the planet as well, reducing the footprint created by each home. This is achieved through a variety of methods, all detailed in Pardee Homes LivingSmart policy. 

The LivingSmart Commitment

Since 2001 Pardee Homes has been a leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly construction. This is reflected in the LivingSmart program, which focuses on improving not only the quality of life for all Pardee homeowners but the impact Pardee Homes leaves on the planet. LivingSmart is broken down into four specific fields, HealthSmart, EnergySmart, EarthSmart, and WaterSmart.

HealthSmart focuses on improving the air quality of a home and protecting homeowners from dangerous chemicals. This includes using paints low on dangerous, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), installing HVAC filters and fans, as well as sealing furnaces and vacuum systems.

EnergySmart uses advanced technology to reduce energy bills and create homes that are both cheaper to maintain and more sustainable. Examples of this technology include solar power systems, LED and fluorescent lights, tank-free water heaters, and reflecting roof sheathing. 

EarthSmart focuses more directly on Pardee Homes’ impact on the environment by using sustainable sources of wood, recycling within the company, and creating optional, environmentally friendly additions for clients such as recycling bins and solar energy panels. 

WaterSmart focuses on conserving water both for the environment and for client convenience. This primarily takes the form of water-saving appliances and recirculation systems designed to save water. Another aspect of the WaterSmart system is drought-resistant landscaping designed to retain water and preserve plant life.

HomeSmart Systems

Part of the SmartLiving system is the Pardee Homes’ HomeSmart program, which instead of focusing on environmental impact, focuses on convenience and tying other home systems together. 

HomeSmart connects all Pardee Homes features to any smart-device or smart-home systems such as Amazon Echo or Alexa. The ability to control appliances and systems from one device can help save energy and activate security systems to keep a client’s home safe and efficient. The HomeSmart system also comes with Wifi connectivity to ensure that all smart-devices and appliances can stay connected with a strong signal.

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