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How to Get Kids Excited to Go Back to School

With the lazy days of summer winding down, parents and kids alike often experience mixed emotions when facing the beginning of a new school year, ranging from excitement to nervousness or even dread. Regardless of where you and your kids fall on the spectrum, taking some simple steps to generate excitement about going back to school can help ease the transition. Here are a few ideas

Involve your kids in creating a lunch schedule that includes their favorite snacks.

Whether your kids will be heading back to the classroom full time or still using virtual learning, lunchtime is always a favorite part of the school day. Sit down with your kids and make a list of their favorite lunch items (as well as a grocery list of what you’ll need to buy), and draft a schedule for the first couple of weeks so they’ll know which treats they can expect on which days. Not only will kids have a greater sense of ownership in their meal planning, but they may feel more excited about the school year starting if they know they can look forward to some delicious lunches!

Build a back-to-school comfort kit.

Having small comforts close at hand can help alleviate your child’s stress on a challenging school day. For example, take a zippered makeup bag or pencil box and fill it with items like chapstick, a stress ball, an encouraging note from you or another family member, hand sanitizer, and a few dollars for lunch money.

Plan a back-to-school shopping trip.

Shopping for back-to-school essentials is an annual tradition that can be either exciting or treacherous. Try to keep things on the lighthearted side by planning a fun day out, including lunch at a favorite restaurant. Let your kids pick out a new backpack or outfit that will help them embark on the new year feeling like they look their best.

Create a comforting spot for kids to unwind when they come home.

After a long day of learning and socializing with friends, kids often need a quiet, private place where they can relax. Consider setting up a fort or cozy corner in your home and helping your child stock it with their favorite books, toys, and music so that they have a specific spot where they can regain a sense of peace after school.

Personalize school supplies.

Helping kids put their own unique stamp on their back-to-school essentials is a simple way to get them eager for the new year. For example, grab some stickers and art supplies for decorating notebooks and binders. If your kids will have lockers, help them make a collage of their favorite pictures to bring a smile to their face in the middle of the day.

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