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The History of Pulte Homes

Pulte Homes was founded by Bill Pulte in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in 1956. This gives Pulte Homes over 65 years of reliable construction experience to draw on, and for those 65 years, Pulte has been building homes with people in mind. This commitment continues to drive Pulte Homes’ policies and practices to this day and forms the cornerstone of their company culture. 

The Pulte Homes Approach

Pulte Homes focus on quality first and foremost when building homes for their clients. Attention is paid to every detail, and client feedback is actively used to improve the quality of Pulte’s work. Another aspect of Pulte’s approach is client involvement, making sure that they are part of the construction process at every step. From the initial construction to finally moving in, clients are an active part of the construction process at every stage. This inclusion process is centered on a field manager who keeps each client involved in the process in three steps, introduction, orientation, and celebration.

The introduction is when a field manager is first presented to their client. During this initial step, they will work to help plan the construction process and address any client questions before construction begins.

Orientation begins when construction begins, as the field manager checks in daily with the construction team to keep their client up to date. Also, the client will be allowed to tour their future home before drywall is put up in order to check Pulte Homes’ progress personally.

Finally, the celebration takes place after all inspections, evaluations, and assessments are complete. Once the client’s house is completed, they will be taken on a guided tour of the new home.

This field management system is the highlight of Pulte Homes’ commitment to quality construction and client inclusion in their work.

Pulte Homes

What Pulte Homes Brings to the Table

The process of building a home with Pulte Homes begins with several interactive design tools that allow clients to customize almost every aspect of their future home. These tools are the interactive floor plan, elevation tool, furniture planner, and room designer that cover the construction of a home from foundations to painting finish. 

One key part of the Pulte Homes’ process is Kitchenology, a trademarked, in-depth process to create the best kitchens for every home they build. Kitchenology is based on interviews with thousands of people and Pulte Homes’ work with various architects, kitchen designers, and business partners to turn these designs into a reality.

Another aspect of every Pulte Homes design is built-in smart home technology, featuring superior Wi-Fi coverage complete with premium CAT6 wiring for all electronics, appliances, and smart home devices in the building.

“Pulte Cares” Programs

Pulte Homes maintains several programs designed to give back to the communities they work in and leave a positive impact on those they work with. One of these programs is Built to Honor, which provides new homes mortgage-free to America’s wounded veterans. Since 2013 Pulte Homes has built more than 50 new homes valued at over $17 million for veterans through this program. Other programs include the Matching Gifts Program, where Pulte Homes match the donations their employees give to charitable organizations. In 2018 alone, this program gave over $200,000 to charities across the country. Pulte Homes also maintains the Build Your Future Scholarship Fund, which assists in educating and training managers for the building industry, with $60,000 in funds in 2019 alone.

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