Meadow Oaks Homes for Sale

Below is a list of available homes in the Meadow Oaks community. Bookmark this page and check back often as the available real estate listings will update from day-to-day!

Meadow Oaks is a lovely equestrian gated community just outside of LaCresta. Meadow Oaks is in the Tenaja area of the unincorporated area of Murrieta.  In the Meadow Oaks area, you can find minimum 5-acre parcels of land.  An equestrian friendly gated area. The Home Owners Association covers the gate and Gary who takes care of the guard shack and all those coming and going. Gary also maintains the front area by the gate.  The HOA takes care of the streets inside of Meadow Oaks.

Did you know that Ronald Reagan owned 750 acres of land in Tenaja!  He bought the land in the 1960s and he sold it more than a decade later.  He only came to the Tenaja area a few times because during this time he felt it was too far from modern conveniences.  That was when he made the decision and sold the property. He then moved to Santa Barbara. An interesting fact is that Ronald Reagan owned Meadow Oaks long before the development of this stunning community.

Dan Stephenson bought 5000 acres out in Tenaja.  He started Rancon Real Estate and obtained investors then started buying up land.  He was the one to start LaCresta, which was 10,000 acres and he joined riding trails together.  He started LaCresta Highlands which was 1,500-acre estates, Santa Rosa West was 700 acres. Meadow Oaks is just outside of Santa Rosa West.

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Meadow Oaks Homes for Sale

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