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D. R. Horton’s Story

D. R. Horton was founded by, and named after, Donald R. Horton, who established the company in 1978 home in Fort Worth, Texas. There Horton built its first home, and from those beginnings has become the largest homebuilder by volume in the United States, a title it has held since 2002. Today D. R. Horton conducts operations in 90 markets in 29 states across the U.S. with 7,000 marketing experts across all businesses. D. R. Horton operates in 43 of home construction’s top 50 markets in the U.S., ranking in the top five in 31 of those markets with more than 740,000 homes built since 1978.

A Commitment to Excellence

D. R. Horton revolves around a commitment to excellence, a dedication to meet the needs of every client they work with. Horton recognizes that a home is an investment, not only of money but of time, effort, and care. Horton’s commitment to excellence is based on three principles, value, trust, and tradition.

D. R. Horton measures value in more than just costs and payments. Value is a measure of how much time, energy, and care someone invests into their home and those they share it with. This is why D. R. Horton uses the best materials, techniques, and designs in each home they build so that clients get the most value out of their new home.

Trust is essential when choosing someone to construct a home, as a home is an investment and a place where people live their lives. An untrustworthy construction company is at best a hassle, and at worst, a hazard to any potential homebuyer. For this reason, D. R. Horton strives to treat all of its clients like family. 

Tradition comes in two forms with D. R. Horton, the first being Horton’s tradition of quality and affordability. The other is in the home itself, how it can become a tradition as a client grows and changes through life in their new home, perhaps giving their home to their children. Horton’s tradition of excellence is built to help their clients create new traditions in new homes. 

D. R. Horton’s Step-by-Step Guide

D. R. Horton has created a guide to help their clients navigate the overwhelming and frustrating world of home buying. This guide helps to simplify the process and presents a clear road map of how D. R. Burton helps create a home for each client. 

The first step is to use D. R. Horton’s mortgage calculator to help determine a client’s financial situation. This leads to the mortgage pre-approval process, which includes estimating costs for loans and closing. From there, the search for a new home can begin, guided by a sales specialist located in the community the client is looking for. Up-to-date digital maps are kept for each market served by D. R. Horton. Once a home is selected, an in-person visit can be scheduled right from Horton’s website or from the local Horton’s office. Once a new home has been settled on, experienced sales agents can help walk clients through the rest of the process and answer lingering questions. As part of the closing process, Horton provides reputable lenders to help homeowners complete the home buying process quickly and easily. Once a home is completed, Horton can also recommend several moving companies to help clients settle into their new homes.

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