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Realtors Michael & Anita Marchena are local Temecula Realtors and made the cover of Real Producers Magazine! They ranked #99 out of 7,500 realtors in their region. Realtors Michael & Anita with The Marchena Home Team typically rank between 25-99 every month, so if you want to work with some of the best Realtors in Temecula Valley, then you need to contact the Marchena Home Team today and see how they can help you with buying your next home or selling your house for top dollar.

Realtors Michael Anita Marchen featured in Real Producers MagazineMichael & Anita Marchena Real Producers Article

Husband and wife team Michael and Anita Marchena are a winning combination for success. After all, two are better than one, especially when it comes to navigating the rough waters of real estate.

Michael became a REALTOR® eight years ago, and Anita got licensed as a REALTOR® three years ago. Anita jokes, “I saw that I could do it better.” Michael explains, “I had a couple of agents who were brought on under me, but it made more sense to have Anita. We could do real estate together.”

With over 200 transactions under their belts, they have had their fair share of million-dollar months, 2-million-dollar months, and 3-million-dollar months. They have won numerous awards in their careers.

Michael and Anita genuinely enjoy each other’s company, making an excellent team. Their sense of humor, coupled with their enthusiasm, is an asset to their clients.  

Anita says, “We like helping people achieve what they don’t think they can.” Handing over the keys to a new home and watching people cry tears of joy never gets old, especially when clients might have numerous obstacles to overcome, such as poor credit or not enough income. Michael and his wife are able to help clients in many different situations and help them get qualified to purchase a home in a short period of time.

“We shouldn’t be called REALTORS; we should be called problem solvers.” Michael smiles. 

Realtors Michael Anita Marchen featured in Real Producers MagazineLife Before Real Estate

Prior to real estate, Michael excelled in online marketing and had a printing company specializing in graphic design.

“It helped a lot with real estate,” he says. “I do all of our marketing along with video editing, photography, photo editing, and online marketing.”

As for Anita, she worked as a hairdresser, talking to people all day and engaging with different personalities. She honed her listening skills and understood what her clients were looking for 98% of the time. She also “learned a lot of patience.”

“Working with buyers and sellers, I just approach things from a different angle,” she smiles.

She has taken her commitment to customer service to her clients in real estate. Anita comments, “There is nothing that I haven’t been able to do. If I don’t know the answer, I am going to find it. If I can’t find it, I will be honest and tell them. In anything and everything we have done, I have helped people find solutions.”

Connecting with Clients

“We connect with people,” says Michael. “When people are going through pain, such as divorce or downsizing, it can be a huge burden.” Michael and Anita walk with their clients through their trying times, empathizing with them while emerging triumphant on the other side.

“We truly care,” says Michael. Anita comments, “Michael wears his heart on his sleeve and reassures clients.”

After the clients receive their keys, Michael and Anita will take them out to dinner and, over a glass of wine, will often tell them about the problems that they might have encountered along the way. Michael has learned to deal with the stress of transactions through the years while keeping his composure. As he says, “We don’t let the clients know the stress unless we have to.” As their slogan goes, “You’ve got 99 problems, but a REALTOR® shouldn’t be one of them.”

Marchena Home Team Featured on the Front Cover of Real Producers MagazineFamily Focused

When Michael and Anita aren’t working, you can find them with their spending time with their two daughters: Michaela (12) and Madison (10). These two “awesome girls” are being raised to be entrepreneurs, although Madison has her heart on becoming a zoologist. Madison would prefer to be a Navy Seal. They both respect their parents’ business and even attend showings with them.

“I want to be remembered for being a good husband and father,” says Michael. He and Anita invest time into their family, whether that is going to Disneyland (as season pass holders), going ice skating, or just finding things to do locally. Family game nights are another hit at their household.

“We really don’t do anything without the kids. In the past 12 years, we have only gone out 10-15 times without the girls,” recalls Michael.

Michael and Anita also stay active in the community. Michael is part of the watchdog program. Michael adds, “We try to be involved with our kids and their school.” Anita says, “We help as needed.” They are both part of the PTA.

In conclusion, Michael and Anita want other REALTORS® to know that if they happen to see one of their listings, they are fun and easy to work with. They look forward to working with more top producers in the area in the near future!

Top Producers: Meet REALTORS® Michael and Anita Marchena

Written by Elizabeth McCabe, Real Producers Magazine

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