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Tiffany From Dedicated Credit Repair shares seven useful tips for the holidays

Tip 1: Open as many savings accounts that you have open for spending. Examples have a savings account for Holidays, Birthdays, etc.
Tip2: Invest in memories, not things. Do things to create memories like take a family trip, go camping, shop groupon for deals for family outings.
Tip 3: Toy Exchanges using unused toys or toys that are in good condition. Regift!
Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to shop at Walgreens or CVS. They have some great deals on toys.
Tip 5: Do a gift exchange rather than spending a lot of money on every one. Spend a decent amount on one person and get a good quality gift.
Tip 6: This may be a little extreme. Change the Christmas date and save money!
Tip 7: Do not open new credit cards to save on your next purchase. This tactic is set up for most people to fail.

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