The History of Brookfield Residential

Brookfield Residential was founded in 2011 with the merger of the Brookfield Homes Corporation and the Brookfield Office Properties, which were made up of Carma Developers and Brookfield Homes (Ontario) Limited. Both companies had over 50 years of construction experience prior to their merger and today combine both proud histories into one construction company. Today Brookfield Residential has offices across North America from California, the U.S.A. to Ontario, Canada, all working to give their clients a place they can call home.

The Goals and Values of Brookfield Residential

The sole focus of Brookfield Residential is creating a place for their clients to call home. Creating the best homes possible begins with three core values that are woven into everything Brookfield Residential does and is. Those three values are passion, integrity, and community. 

Passion is the focus of Brookfield Residential’s culture, both in helping clients and in encouraging clients to take joy in the home creation process. At every step of construction Brookfield Residential works with enthusiasm and pride in all that they do to ensure that clients have a place to call home.

Integrity is at the core of how Brookfield Residential interacts with clients, business partners, communities, and their own employees. Brookfield Residential is committed to honesty and transparency in all of its operations, even featuring a publicly available Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Community is the highest commitment of Brookfield Residential, as every home they build becomes another part of any community they operate in. So Brookfield Residential creates more than just houses; they give back to the areas they work in to make sure everyone living there, and future generations, will benefit from Brookfield Residential’s work. 

These three values form the bedrock of Brookfield Residential and drive the company to complete its goal of creating the best homes possible for its clients.

What Makes Brookfield Residential Unique

Brookfield Residential does more than create homes for people; it creates welcoming communities with sustainable practices and an eye to the future. Plans are drawn not only for the construction of homes but for both the development and preservation of land to help ensure that each community is left better than when Brookfield Residential found it. Two keep parts of this process are sustainability and energy efficiency in communities. 

Sustainability means more than just environmentally friendly practices and materials. It means creating a space where people can live, work, and play without damaging their community or the planet. Passive homes are designed to be as efficient on energy, water, and space as possible with multiple layers of insulation and weather protection. 

These two factors create communities that are both environmentally friendly and comfortable for people to make their lives in. 

Empower, the Future of Home

Empower is the name of Brookfield Residential’s digital programs, which are designed to make building and to live in their homes much more comfortable. The two main programs are myTime, which can be used to schedule interactive tours of models and move-in ready homes, and myCommand, Brookfield Residential’s unique smart home system. Both systems make creating or living in a Brookfield Residential home that much easier.

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